We believe that the best financial analysis starts with the best data. Accordingly, our organization houses over 130 enterprise class data warehouses that include, but are not limited to:
  • Well-by-well production, permits, activity
  • Field-level production, exploration and development plans
  • Real-time global crude transport
  • Daily U.S. interstate natural gas pipeline flows
  • Global major project analysis
  • Field-level maintenance tracking
Big Data
We maintain detailed financial models on thousands of energy assets. These models integrate with our centralized commodity price assumptions and scenarios. Each change to a model is tracked for internal and client-based accountability.
Asset Modeling
Fiscal take varies greatly from one host country (or state) to another. We strive for complete regime-level and field-specific modeling, thereby capturing what we believe to be a more accurate representation of asset value, net of calculated government take throughout a range of commodity price assumptions.
Fiscal Regime Analysis
We offer differentiated global insights in supply/demand through the combination of our understanding of the big picture and sector-specific nuances with a rock-to-wheels view of the hydrocarbon value chain.
Our granular modeling of discrete assets, basins and company working interests yields better financial prediction, in our view. Plus, Kessler Energy can provide client-specific energy data modeling or consulting that is tailored to suit the needs of individual customers.
Revolutionizing How Investors View Energy
Kessler Energy, LLC is an independent research provider covering the energy sector with an unparalleled vertical integration between our macro and company level analysis. Our direct access to underlying asset-level data combined with our rigorous, in-depth modeling capability provides us with a differentiated understanding of asset economics. Our research provides a complete micro to macro view of the global energy landscape.